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International Nature Tourism Film Festival
from 10th to 12th of MAY, 2012 in Cáceres, Spain
Extremadura is pledging the commitment of developing sustainable tourism. A tourism able to combine in a perfect balance the respect for natural environment with the protection of our cultural and artistic heritage, elements that in our region are very important due to its wealth and conditions of conservation.
Regulations Cinextur 2012 

Festival du Film Résistances
du 6 au 14 juillet 2012 - Foix - France

Au programme cette année:

  • Montagnes sacrée, Montagne sacrifié (dont une journée consacrée aux films pyrénéens)
  • Norme sociale et handicap
  • La fabrique des croyances
  • Jeunesse, musique et rébellions
  • Zoom Afrique

Inscriptions avant le le 31 mars 2012
Fiche d'insription 
Vers le site du festival 

11th Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival
9 – 13 May, 2012

The festival promotes documentary cinema with a special emphasis on new films, videos or interactive media (published after 1.1.2009) dealing with socio-cultural processes in a wide sense of the term.

The festival is open to all filmmakers, but especially those coming from anthropology, sociology, folklore and neighbouring disciplines. It provides a great opportunity for international co-operation in Visual Anthropology and documentary filmmaking.

The festival encourages young filmmakers to submit their films, as the festival specially supports STUDENT FILMS and awards the best with the Student Film Award 2010 .

Call for Films: Submission deadline: 15 December 2011

The RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film

Sponsored by The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

For submission conditions, entry forms and awarded prizes please see the attachments or check the dedicated Film Festival website. Here you find as well information about the international conference "Emotion in Motion: The Passions of Tourism, Travel and Movement

Call for submissions:
The 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film 2011
will be held in London, 24 - 26 June 2011

Please submit the form and stills by e-mail ( and send the preview DVD and proof of entry fee by post.  Deadline for Submission is 15 January 2011. Don’t spent a fortune on freight costs, but please make sure that the preview DVD will arrive at the RAI office by 31 January at the latest!

For submission conditions, entry forms and awarded prizes & awards please see the attachments or check the RAI website .

26th International North South Media Forum
29th October to 3rd November 2010, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

(Entry form and rules on website

Each year the International North South Media Forum brings together experts from the media, financial sector, development and politics. Each edition analyses a topic that holds an important stake for the future. In 2004 we addressed the future of oil, in 2005 China and its development and in 2006 global warming. In 2007 and 2008 the Forum addressed India and its emerging role as a global leader – first in Geneva and then in Jaipur, inaugurating our new two-year formula.

The 2009 and 2010 editions address “The Global Food Crisis : causes, effects and solutions”, and the related themes of agriculture, global warming, trade and hunger.

The 2010 edition will propose a wide range of activities to achieve a better understanding of the different problems and issues at stake:

  • Several screening rooms
  • Mobile cinema screenings throughout the city
  • Broadcasted roundtables
  • Television and radio programs
  • An exhibition
  • Special evenings
  • Two international film competitions on the year's theme
  • An international competition for written contributions

50 documentaries will be pre-selected by professionals and shown to the public, either in the Competition or in the Panorama. The winner of the international competition will be awarded the "Grand Prix de Genève" (7000 Euros).

Exceptionally for it’s 2010 edition, the INSMF will award a “Prix du documentaire Africain” (7000 Euros) to the best African director of producer. Registration for the competition is now open (find entry form and rules on and the entry deadline (for televisions and independents) is the 31st of July 2010. Films have to be in relation with this year’s theme and must have been released after the 1st of January 2008.

Saint-Louis, Senegal, 2010, June 2 to 9 |

Founded in 2002 by film producer and director Mr Jean-Marie BARBE who, more than 20 years ago, created the festival “Les Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas” (France), AFRICADOC is a programme for the development of African documentary cinema.. The aim of Africadoc is to develop, together with all African countries, a training network to meet the need for a new generation of documentaries filmmakers, and to set up a network of professionals working in the documentary world.


  • A Master’s Degree in “Creative Documentary Filmmaking” with the University of St Louis (Senegal);
  • 5 Writing residencies by year in various African countries.


In 7 years of existence, Africadoc has been supervising many film projects, from conception to distribution. With a view to reinforcing their identity, these remarkable films have been gathered in the Lumière d’Afrique Collection, which acts as a production “label”. Every year, the serie integrates ten new documentary films resulting from the writing residencies and from the Tënk Encounters.


Africadoc is also a pan-African documentary network carried by young professionals (authors and producers) and their desire to create. As such, various Africadoc associations have been created in several African countries (Togo, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger, Cameroun, Senegal, Burkina Faso) making it possible to structure the Africadoc network, to relay the programme locally as well as to ensure the long-lasting anchorage of the network of
professionals developed over time.


Africadoc intends to set up for two weeks Workshop/Writing Residencies in South Africa (Johannesburg) in April 2010 for a dozen South-African documentaries filmmakers. By the end of the session, 5/6 of the projects will be selected to attend the Tënk Encounters wich will take place in Senegal in June 2010.

22. to 31 october 2010

Call for Entries

TIDF is the most prestigious documentary festival in Taiwan and one of the biggest biennials in Asia. The 2010 edition will include 120 film in and out of competition, master classes and workshops. Prizes for competition are valued at a total of 50,000 USD. Enter your work now!

Competitions and Awards

Feature-Length Documentary (over 60 minutes.)

Short-Length Documentary (up to 60 minutes.)
Asian Vision Award
Taiwan Award

General Requirement for Competition

Completed after July 1, 2008 and be Asian premieres at 2010 TIDF, except for Asian productions that have been shown in their countries of production. Free submission.

Postmarked by June 15, 2010

Submission Guildelines

On-line Submission


2010, 7th Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Taipei Office
Tel: +886-2-2912-3155
Fax: +886-2-2912-3035

E-mail: /


DBICA International Short Film Festival

The DBICA International Short Film Festival, now in its 3rd year, is the largest and most highly attended short film festival in Chennai. The 2 day festival presents over 50 International and National short films from more than 15 countries, to an audience of 20,000. SFFI is best known for its diverse and cosmopolitan balance of film that ranges from variety of genres like drama, documentary, animation, comedy, science fiction and mystery.

DBICA is the parent organization of the SFFI. Its is a non-profit Media and Communication Arts organization that presents the best in world's short film cinema to audiences in Chennai. Our Mission is to "celebrate the culture and art of the moving image through film making and film going experience of exceptional merit and diversity that challenge, transcend and entertain."

We will be delighted to have your entries for this 3rd International Short Film Festival of India before 20th January 2009. You can send your entries by post to the address mentioned in the attachment. For more details kindly visit our website All films produced after June 2007 till December 2008 is eligible for this festival.

« Anûû-rû âboro » - Festival international du cinéma des peuples
Poindimié, Nouvelle-Calédonie

Ânûû-rû âboro, définition du cinéma signifie : l'ombre de l'homme, en langue paicî

Notre époque est celle des médias de masse, dominés par les grands groupes audiovisuels, au service des seules logiques marchandes. Il est juste et bon de leur opposer d'autres manières de faire, de filmer, de regarder et d'entendre. Changer de logique c'est changer de pratique. Les spectateurs sont d'abord des citoyens, des hommes et des femmes responsables, qui ne peuvent être traités comme d'éternels mineurs.

Pour les peuples qui se lèvent dans le monde et affirment leur dignité, leur histoire, leurs valeurs, il est vital de pouvoir faire des films documentaires hors des modèles dominants, de les faire circuler, de les échanger avec d'autres. C'est à cela que sert un festival comme Ânûû-rû âboro.
(Jean-Louis Comolli, président d’honneur du Festival « l’ombre de l’homme »)

Lien direct au festival 

Festival di Cinema Africano

Le Festival de Verone a été la prèmiere realité italienne depuis 27 ans à s’occuper exclusivement du cinema africain, je vous invite pour cela a visiter notre site internet

Le Festival de Cinema Africain de Verone que aura lieu en novembre est une occasion de rencontre avec le cinema et la culture africaine, avec ses realisateurs et protagonistes. Il est un moment d'approfondissement et échange sur les thématiques suscitées par le cinéma des Afriques. Le festival est un moment pédagogique pour le secteur éducatif et pour le monde de l'école grâce aux rencontres, aux laboratoires et les projections spéciales pour les écoles. C'est une rencontre en outre entre professionnels du monde du cinéma, de la télévision et de la presse.

Vous trouvez en attachement le règlement du festival et le formulaire d’inscription.

El Ojo Cojo Festival, Madrid :
Anmeldeschluss: jeweils Ende Mai

le Festival de Cinema Africain de Verone a le plaisir de vous envoyer le règlement pour pouvoir parteciper à sa competition.

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